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  • Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 01:37:11 +0100

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> >This also doesn't preclude audio in, video out, btw.
> GMPI, as i am understanding it, does not intend to support any kind of
> data except audio (in 1 or more forms of encoding) or music (in 1 or
> more forms of encoding).
> --p

The GMPI indeed stands for "Generalized Music Plugin Interface (GMPI)" (note
the word "music").

But on the other hand, I personally would be very pleased to see image
sequences (video) incorporated in a plugin interface. I read other people's
opinions about why not just specify a plugin as having a certain number of
inputs and a certain number of outputs of potentially different data types,
and I liked it. There are differences however in types with respect to
asynchronous / synchronous behavior.
But I think it is important to agree on this when defining the goals. If
possible, I would like to see audio, MIDI (or something similar), images and
control signals as the four basic types that flow around between hosts and

Koen Tanghe

About MIDI: one could in fact maybe think about this as a special kind of
"control signal"

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