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  • From: "Asnaghi Lucio" <lucio.asnaghi@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:50:38 +0100

> Paul:
> There are many combinations possible, and I think GMPI should support
all of them except (probably) a plugin > with no input and no output :)

For sure. But a plugin with inputs only and no outputs could be as well
( a midi recorder plugin ), or a plugin with no inputs and only outputs
( a music box without musical/audio control that plays its own without
control ).

> Common forms would be:
>       MIDI-driven synthesis: Input: { Music } Output: { Audio }
>           Audio processing: Input: { Audio, Music } Output: { Audio }
>            MIDI processing: Input: { Music } Output: { Music }
> etc.
> The point is that we are trying to define a goal for GMPI, and the
goal needs to be clearly stated. I 
> believe the goal is not to exclude any potential plugin that can be
described by this 2x2 matrix.

Yes you right... But i would like to see is that all gmpi plugins are
the same "type" of plugin ( do not matter midi/audio
generator/nongenerator ), such as:

        gmpi plugin :

                input: none - audio - musical - both
                output: none - audio - musical - both

This is my point of view. But sure i can be wrong.


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