[GeoStL] Re: Semi Caching related (after all we ALL love to eat)

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 14:48:10 EST

Favorite breakfast place? Spencer's  Grill in Kirkwood, or any small diner, 
though not usually good for large  groups.

Favorite Lunch place? Burger King & Hardee's for burgers, St. Louis Bread  
Co. for other sandwiches.

Favorite dinner  place?

When caching (mandatory reference :-) ) a  quick place to eat but not fast 
food? Denny's Good food & fresh  coffee.

Where are your favorite ethnic  resturants?

Mexican? Si Si

Italian? Ciao

French?  Oui!

Oriental? Any time

Greek? Only on Fridays


Interesting Places to eat? Unusual food? Different ways of serving  food?

Homestyle food resturants?

Any other places that you like or think would be noteworthy? Fast  Eddie's 
Bon Aire in Alton, cheap food and a good band, though it can get  pretty 
crowded. Shrimp are great too.
I have a hard time with favorites, but I like finding new restaurants. I  
also like going to small non-chain places.


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