[GeoStL] Re: Semi Caching related (after all we ALL love to eat)

  • From: "Bob Shirley" <barlog@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 15:17:31 -0600

>   Favorite breakfast place?
> [Bob Shirley] There is a place at the corner of
> Woodbine and Kirkwood Road
> that is a breakfast/brunch place.  Can't remember
> the name though
Bob, that would be First Watch :)

Laura, I can't believe people in Chicago call that
huge chunk of dough and sauce Pizza. Blah, A Fortel's
D-2 any day of the week would beat anything Chicago
Style hands down :)

*hiding behind Bob for protection :)*


[Bob Shirley] I would have to agree, If I wanted a lot of bread I would just
have some dinner rolls.  Chicago Style Deep Dish "pizza" is for people who
don't understand what real pizza is all about. Not only does Fortel's Pizza
Den make great pizza, I'd prefer to eat a 99 cent Tontino's frozen pizza
than any of that deep pile of stuff you get at Uno's....

Besides, this is a geocaching list, so if we're talking about something to
eat while we are out caching, Chicago Style just doesn't cut it....way to
long to cook and we would miss out on getting more caches!

Of course, if you are not enough of a St. Louis native to get the infamous
Provel cheese on your Imo's....you can always request the more bland
mozzarella cheese for your pizza...Even better, request some Peperjack
cheese for your Fortel's pizza.

Word to the wise, never argue with the fat man about what is the best


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