[GeoStL] Re: Semi Caching related (after all we ALL love to eat)

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If you like east coast style pizza then you have to hit "East Coast Pizza"
in Chesterfield Valley.  It is authentic and from what one of my co-workers
who is originally from Jersey says, it is great.  It's one of his favorite
places to eat.   From Susan's description of pizza, East Coast Pizza fits
the bill.  I like it myself but I also like St. Louis Style, Chicago Style,
etc.  etc.


On 11/01/2006 9:58:08 AM, Susan R. Makky (susan@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote: 
> - 
> Amen to that!!! 
> We're from Jersey. My hubby says same thing about 
> IMOs. A proper pie has to be big and gooey and cut in large flappy 
> triangular pieces (except a Sicilian pie, of course). Thatsa pizza! 
> Susan 
> At 08:40 11/1/2006, you wrote: 
> >- 
> >St. Louisans that appreciate good pizza! I'm 
> originally from Chicago and 
> >couldn't believe what you St. Louisan's call pizza. IMOs is not pizza, 
> its 
> >crackers with sauce and something that is supposed to be cheese. Hmm I 
> want 
> >pizza for lunch now. Thanks! ;-) 
> > 
> > 
> >Laura 
> > 
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> >One of our favorite places to eat is the 
> Uno's Chicago Grill on Hwy  44 and 
> >Lindbergh.  They have a full menu and a bar but the thing to get is there

> >deep dish pizza.  The crust is so flaky it tastes like your'e 
> eatin' a pie. 


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