[GeoStL] Re: Semi Caching related (after all we ALL love to eat)

  • From: "Jon Mertz" <jemertz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 05:47:48 -0600

Dan, if you're looking for good food, you've travelled in the wrong
direction. My favorite restaurant is still El Rodeo in Rolla. As for
Chinese, any of the four options there beat anything that I have found

As for Breakfast, Strider, Crowesfeat, TMC, Marbleboy and I met at a
diner in Kirkwood that was really good. I don't normally eat breakfast
out, but that was awesome. It almost matched the Lumberjack Cafe in

Lunch I always eat at work, but on weekends, Bread Co. is a good
non-fast-food place, plus they have free wi-fi so I can log my caches
as I eat. :-)

Dinner, when I'm out and want something good is usually Applebees
(there are too many to consider listing), Longhorn (Ballwin or
Chesterfield Valley), or O'Charleys (Chesterfield Valley). All of
those are good.

Quick but not fast food I'll point you back to Bread Co. (AKA Panera).
Also, Qdoba has really good, really big burritos. They're like the
Subway of Tex-Mex.

Mexican, here, I like El Nopal at 141 and Big Bend, but like I said,
El Rodeo in Rolla beats it hands down for both quality and price.
Unfortunately the location just got significantly less convenient.
There's also an El Nopal in Eureka.

 Italian I don't do often, but Rigazzi's on the Hill is a family favorite.

 French? Who wants anything to do with France? They invented the
second best way to RUIN a potato! You know they showed an episode of
Walker, Texas Ranger in France once... Just to be on the safe side,
they surrendered to Chuck Norris.

 Oriental, again, I've not found anything that compares with any of
the places in Rolla. I'm still looking.

 Greek? I hear there's a place that a bunch of cachers do lunch at on
Fridays, but this little thing called work is always getting in my
way. Once in a while the cafeteria at work sells something they call
Greek, but I can't recommend that... plus you can't get in the
building. :-/

 I'm looking for a good place to get good Indian food too. If anyone
knows of one, I'd be quite interested.

Interesting Places to eat? Unusual food? Different ways of serving food?
The Melting Pot is supposed to be really good, but expensive. I've
never been there. There's one near me at 141 and Clayton, and there's
one somewhere downtown.

 Homestyle food resturants? Um... Again, go back to Rolla. The Lumberjack Cafe.

 Any other places that you like or think would be noteworthy? You
might try the A&W place at the Loop. Huge awesome tasty burgers, and
bottomless glasses of A&W products. Let me know when you go, I might
just meet you there.

I'm with Mike on the SLAGA dinner thing. Let's do something out here
in West County once. Chesterfield Valley has some good options.

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