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If anyone EVER gets hungry in Rolla --  it's your own darn fault!


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> Dan, if you're looking for good food, you've travelled in the wrong
> direction. My favorite restaurant is still El Rodeo in Rolla. As for
> Chinese, any of the four options there beat anything that I have found
> here.
> As for Breakfast, Strider, Crowesfeat, TMC, Marbleboy and I met at a
> diner in Kirkwood that was really good. I don't normally eat breakfast
> out, but that was awesome. It almost matched the Lumberjack Cafe in
> Rolla.
> Lunch I always eat at work, but on weekends, Bread Co. is a good
> non-fast-food place, plus they have free wi-fi so I can log my caches
> as I eat. :-)
> Dinner, when I'm out and want something good is usually Applebees
> (there are too many to consider listing), Longhorn (Ballwin or
> Chesterfield Valley), or O'Charleys (Chesterfield Valley). All of
> those are good.
> Quick but not fast food I'll point you back to Bread Co. (AKA Panera).
> Also, Qdoba has really good, really big burritos. They're like the
> Subway of Tex-Mex.
> Mexican, here, I like El Nopal at 141 and Big Bend, but like I said,
> El Rodeo in Rolla beats it hands down for both quality and price.
> Unfortunately the location just got significantly less convenient.
> There's also an El Nopal in Eureka.
> Italian I don't do often, but Rigazzi's on the Hill is a family favorite.
> French? Who wants anything to do with France? They invented the
> second best way to RUIN a potato! You know they showed an episode of
> Walker, Texas Ranger in France once... Just to be on the safe side,
> they surrendered to Chuck Norris.
> Oriental, again, I've not found anything that compares with any of
> the places in Rolla. I'm still looking.
> Greek? I hear there's a place that a bunch of cachers do lunch at on
> Fridays, but this little thing called work is always getting in my
> way. Once in a while the cafeteria at work sells something they call
> Greek, but I can't recommend that... plus you can't get in the
> building. :-/
> I'm looking for a good place to get good Indian food too. If anyone
> knows of one, I'd be quite interested.
> Interesting Places to eat? Unusual food? Different ways of serving food?
> The Melting Pot is supposed to be really good, but expensive. I've
> never been there. There's one near me at 141 and Clayton, and there's
> one somewhere downtown.
> Homestyle food resturants? Um... Again, go back to Rolla. The Lumberjack 
> Cafe.
> Any other places that you like or think would be noteworthy? You
> might try the A&W place at the Loop. Huge awesome tasty burgers, and
> bottomless glasses of A&W products. Let me know when you go, I might
> just meet you there.
> I'm with Mike on the SLAGA dinner thing. Let's do something out here
> in West County once. Chesterfield Valley has some good options.


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