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Please understand Rose that we are talking here about someone renewing a book again and again for many many months and then releasing it without validating. We all have busy lives. Please understand we are referring to something quite different from what you describe. We all appreciate what you attempted and understand. Please feel welcome. We can sometimes be an argumentative strong minded lot.


At 10:06 PM 9/3/2005, you wrote:

I was not going to weigh in on this issue, however, I signed up to be a
volunteer early in the year and almost immediately had other things
happening that kept me from doing anything.  Then I submitted one book.
And again did nothing for a while.  I then downloaded a huge book,
worked on it evenings and weekends for a couple of weeks and could not
upload it.

Since that time I have not taken anything off the step one page, again
partly because of the problems I had with my only attempt at validating.
I have about four books here scanned but am waiting for K1000 version 10
to arrive so I can fix some issues with tables before submitting them.

I work sometimes 50 hours a week at my job, have other things happening
in my life and I might at some time be one of those people who would
renew a book and continue working on it rather than submit a bad copy.

Should I give up being a volunteer and never ever attempt another
validation because in someone's opinion I might take too long to get the
project done?  I cannot spend all day working on the computer and then
submit a book hours after I downloaded it unless I meet the minimum
requirements for validation, check copyright and send it back.

Rose Combs

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Same here. I volunteered, submitted a couple of books, and then think I went over a year doing nothing else. But nor did I download anything from the step 1 page.


>I went through such a period.  Don't know how long it was--certainly
months.  I did not read nor submit after several submissions.  My
project is finished and I'm submitting again.
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>  Are there folks who sign up to volunteer and then neither submit nor
>  validate for long periods? I mean a lapse of say more than say a
year.  I
>  am trying to figure out if folks are joining so they can read for

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