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I will have to admit that early on there were so many books I would love to
read that I did download some that I didn't get to right away. Once I began
to see the true value of the service and what I could and couldn't do I
began to take the view.... I may have a few books in my queue but I can
always go back and read books once they are released. Yes it has taken me a
number of months to earn a membership but I take the time now to make sure a
book is well checked before releasing. I would feel guilty these days just
doing the basics and that's that. 

Even like my days with AOL we had volunteers that were truly committed to
the area and put hours upon hours into making the place a great part of the
system. There were those that only did a little. 

Maybe there should be a minimum number of validations and submissions during
a given period to keep your volunteer status. 

Just some thoughts:) 

Healing Practitioner
"The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life, which is required to
be exchanged for it immediately or in the long run."
Henry Thoreau 

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Can schools, agencies and other institutions get on the volunteer list and 
thus avoid paying fees?

Perhaps it would be reasonable for someone who is visually impaired or 
otherwise elligible for bookshare to be asked to pay the $25 set up fee 
when joining the volunteer program.  Then if he or she puts together enough 
credits, access to the main bookshare page would be possible.  I just 
object to people using this as a backdoor without doing volunteer work when 
bookshare is so strapped for cash.  I know $25 is not much and that is the 
point. (I know the part about noone who is blind being able to afford to 
pay anything at all for anything because none of us have jobs.)

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