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I was not going to weigh in on this issue, however, I signed up to be a
volunteer early in the year and almost immediately had other things
happening that kept me from doing anything.  Then I submitted one book.
And again did nothing for a while.  I then downloaded a huge book,
worked on it evenings and weekends for a couple of weeks and could not
upload it.  

Since that time I have not taken anything off the step one page, again
partly because of the problems I had with my only attempt at validating.
I have about four books here scanned but am waiting for K1000 version 10
to arrive so I can fix some issues with tables before submitting them.  

I work sometimes 50 hours a week at my job, have other things happening
in my life and I might at some time be one of those people who would
renew a book and continue working on it rather than submit a bad copy.  

Should I give up being a volunteer and never ever attempt another
validation because in someone's opinion I might take too long to get the
project done?  I cannot spend all day working on the computer and then
submit a book hours after I downloaded it unless I meet the minimum
requirements for validation, check copyright and send it back.  

Rose Combs

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Same here. I volunteered, submitted a couple of books, and then think
I went over a year doing nothing else. But nor did I download anything
from the step 1 page. 


>I went through such a period.  Don't know how long it was--certainly
months.  I did not read nor submit after several submissions.  My
project is finished and I'm submitting again.
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>  Are there folks who sign up to volunteer and then neither submit nor 
>  validate for long periods? I mean a lapse of say more than say a
year.  I 
>  am trying to figure out if folks are joining so they can read for

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