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The situation with you having other life commitments could be considered if
we had a volunteer coordinator. Right now the volunteer pool is not really
being managed so to speak. 

Again when I was on AOL I had one very good volunteer who was in the Navy
reserves. After 911 she worked a full year at ground zero and did nothing
online. When her service there was done she came back. She did not loose her
volunteer status and account. 

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Would we give credits for only quality submissions?
How about that?

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        Another membership idea might be to make everyone take credits but
only for 
        some period of time after their initial membership.  For instance,
        everybody who is elligible for bookshare books pay for set up and
for the 
        first year.  If they accrue credit during that first year, the
credit will 
        be applied to their next year's membership or returned to them at
the end 
        of the first year if they do not choose to renew.  This would get
rid of 
        people who join the volunteer list, submit stuff of such poor
quality that 
        it gets rejected and just stay on and on paying nothing and
        little.  I know this sounds harsh but if bookshare is facing a
        issue we need to think about ways of solving for it.
        If you feel really sorry for a blind person you know who cannot
afford a 
        first year membership, let's have a link so you can give someone a
gift of 
        a membership right on bookshare.

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