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Hi Denise!
I use Skype. It works well for me. I think it would be a good solution too,
with a lot fewer complications, but many people probably would disagree with
I'd be willing to use Skype for our chats too, and think it would require a
lot less effort. Skype is not a difficult program to download, install, and
use--and it's free. 


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Yes, I know what you mean. (smile) Good ideas often turn into a lot more
than we bargain for. The administrator part is going to be the toughest
thing. I've emailled for more info about that. I'm wondering if it wouldn't
be a whole lot simpler for folks to donwload Skype to their PCs and for a
few folks who want to get together to to a conference call. I think up to 10
or 12 people can conference free of charge. It's hard to know if we'd have
more than that in the chat room at a time anyway. For those not familiar
with Skype, it's a free software that you down load onto your computer. Once
it's installed whcih is done like any other software. You follow the steps
and set up your account. You need a microphone to plug into your computer.
Microphones aren't expensive. Then calls can be made from your computer free
of charge to another skype user. There are paid plans, but the free program
works well also and it allows as I said a few people to talk together free.
It might be a place to start anyway to see how many people are interested
before getting into the voice chat room thing which is going to require more
time for some one organizing the chat. Just some thoughts.

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Hi Denise!
That was nice of you to check into this. *smile*
Initially, when Jamie mentioned a possible chat party, I thought it was a
good one, and after Susan L contacted Bob Acosta and asked whether we could
use the Book Nook, I e-mailed him, last week, and asked whether we could use
the Book Nook room last weekend. I received no response, and e-mailed Jamie,
I really hadn't planned to take the lead on this, but was willing to help to
arrange it.
I did visit the "politics" room at ourplace.acbradio.org, after Monica's
post, and found the log in to be exactly like that of Accessible World chat
rooms, so think it would be a good fit for a Bookshare chat.
I also thought of contacting Talking Communities, directly, to see if we
could have our own chat room. That way, we wouldn't have to worry about
conflicts with times and other scheduled events.
This is becoming more of a project than I feel I can commit to--especially,
since there would have to be an administrator for each chat. I'm willing to
do what I can to help, but do not want to take responsibility for this
entire project. I believe my time is better spent proofreading.


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Hi all
I've been in contact with one of the web masters from Blindsea a site which
list software for those of us who use a cell phone screen reader called
Talks on our Nokia phones. They have 3 chat rooms available 24/7. Stephen
said we could use one. I've participated on discussions of accessible phone
software there and it works just like the Talking Community works from
Accessible world. So it's either a Talking community room or very similar.
If this sounds interesting to folks I'll get more details. If this is like
Talking community someone will have to be willing to be the administrator
and handle the behind the scenes stuff. This would be the case with
Accessible world as well if we used one of their rooms. I'm not exactly sure
who supposed to be handling this from this list, but let me know if you'd
like to pursue this or would like me to get more info about the set-up.

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I have Friday the 15th of January off, if someone is able to set up a place
and a time I will try to make it.

Jamie in Michigan

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