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Just on a side note, Roger, I'm dying to grab your Helen Keller book (I love
Helen Keller), but my dance card is so full right now!!  If it stays there
much longer, I will take it LOL!


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I suspect that when the links to the proofreader's proofread books is fixed
we will see that she has enough credits to pay for many memberships. Let me
check with you, though, to see if you have noticed the same pattern I have.
She seems to strike in the afternoon eastern time, especially late
afternoon, and she grabs whichever book has been most recently uploaded.
That is why I got the idea that submitting late at night would be a way to
tend to evade her. In fact, The book I submitted late last night, Helen
Keller, is still there as of a few minutes ago. I suppose it has something
to do with her personal schedule. Have you noticed the same pattern or
similar pattern?

By the way, let me follow up on the suggestion that a hold for code would be
a bad idea because the jiffy proofreaders might be lurkers here. If that is
the case then nothing is lost. They already grab uncoded submissions anyway
so the worst thing that could happen is that it would have no effect and it
just might help. Also, there is really nothing that keeps them from checking
out a hold for book anyway and just removing the hold for before checking it
in, so I tend to think that they must have at least some sense of ethics.
Either that or they are too stupid to know that they could do that. 

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Yes, E., that is the person who keeps taking my submissions and then
checking them in usually 18 to 20 minutes later. I don't know why she would
do this.
I know some are children's books that are shorter, but she's also done books
I've submitted which are over 200 pages long in 18 to 20 minutes. 

I would gladly give her the credits to pay for a membership or renewal if
that is her reason for doing this.
Jamie in Michigan
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