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  • Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 02:09:55 -0800

Hello all you fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch,

I have just submitted the fifteenth in the Sabrina The Teenage Witch series: "Harvest Moon" By Mel Odom. Spell check done, headers removed, all pages and copyright info present and accounted for. I tried to catch all of them, but there may be the stray junk character left by the shadow of the spine of the book. I will include the synopsis from the back cover below.

Happy Reading,


(Back Cover)

Sabrina would just love to zap libby Chessler clear to the next galaxy...
but then, what else is new? After all the work Sabrina has put into planning the Harvest Moon dance, libby is trying to step in and take over. So what if a hip TV station is doing a news feature starring Libby? And so what if she's gotten the station to donate funds for the dance? Does that give her the right to run the whole show?

Just about everyone seems to thinks so. Even Harvey is bewitched by Libby, the TV star! But Sabrina isn't giving up yet. After all, she's got Magic on her side. What could possibly go wrong?

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