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Hi, Anastasia. I agree with your attitude that if you want to go ahead and 
scan something that's already on Web Braille, go right ahead. I do use both 
and like both, and I'll often download something from Web Braille if I find 
it there first, but I do look on Bookshare more often, so I'm more likely to 
get it from there. I know a lot of people have differing views on this, but 
I personally don't see anything wrong with going ahead and scanning 
something, even if it is on Web Braille. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Hi All
I scanned submbited and god a book accepted. The author f the book is a 
bookshare.org user and thanked me for scaning her book for the site.
i then decided to do more of her books. she said not to bother with those 
that are accessable through webraille. I don't use webraille. How comon is 
it? Is it worth having books in both places?
I would just assume scan them so people won't have to look all ver for 
books. Any thougts?

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