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Hi gang. I just submitted a great book called The Wave Three Way To Building Your Downline, by Richard Poe. I've prevalidated it, and it's got a 99.28 rank spelling number. I've removed the headers and put in the page numbers. The only part that I didn't spend much time on is the index, and that's readable. It should be a very easy validation. I've got the print book if you have any questions while validating. Here's what the cover says.

(from the cover)


The Wave Three Way To Building Your Downline

This Book Shows You How

The Wave-Three Revolution rages on daily and network marketers the world over are winning. With weapons such as fax machines, the World Wide Web, satellite broadcasts, and just a little elbow grease, entrepreneurs are spending less time and building more successful downlines than ever before. This powerful new era of technology-driven business was outlined in Richard Poe's runaway bestseller Wave Three: The New Era in Network Marketing.

Now you can continue on the path to financial independence and meet a few of the people who have prospered through the Wave Three Way. Here are interviews with the most successful people in the industry, from retired school teachers to beach bums. These MLM superstars candidly share their successes, failures, and secrets for building the solid, productive downlines that have made them rich. Through their stories, learn about:

 ?      The Butterfly Effect
 ?      Keeping It Simple
 ?      Catching a Big Fish
 ?      Finding the Right Goals
 ?      Auto-Prospecting and Auto-Training
 ?      Wave Three Leadership
 ?      And more!

Richard Poe is the author of Wave Three: The New Era in Network Marketing and The Einstein factor (both from Prima). An award-winning journalist and former senior editor at Success Magazine, he lives in New York City
with his wife, Marie.

Monica Willyard 

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