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The unfolding: God's amazing grace unfolds in story /

By Jim and Terri Kraus

Mackenzie Street Series.  Mid aged and Single Annie Hamilton befriends unwed 
teenage mother-to-be Taylor Evans.
As the story unfolds, Annie learns the importance of placing her trust in God.

Set in a multiethnic neighborhood in Chicago is the
compelling story of a woman who discovers the reality of
God's unfailing grace even in pain and disappointment.

Annie Hamilton collects things. Odds and ends, really. And in the small 
apartment above the Laundromat she owns, she pieces her found objects into art.

But there's one thing Annie cannot piece into a pattern: her rootless young 
neighbor, Taylor Evans. Annie befriends the girl, offering her stability and 
acceptance. And when Taylor abandons her newborn son, Annie decides to raise 
him as her own?even though it means losing the only man who's ever cared about 
her. One year later, Taylor returns to claim her child. Devastated, Annie 
searches for answers?and finds them in the most unlikely places.$11.99 US.

This book received a 99.95% K1K sppell rank with all pages accounted for.
It was read and edited both while being scanned and afterwards.
Should be a slam dunk validation.


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