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The ten Commandments: the significance of God's laws in everyday life /
by Laura Schlessinger and Stewart Vogel

Let's see: There's something about stealing, lying, murdering
... ah ... but that's only three . . . what are the rest?
More people claim to live by the Ten Commandments
than seem to know what they are, let alone what they
mean. And in this modern, jet-propelled, nuclear, genetic-engineered
world, how important are they?
Each day we make innumerable decisions about
things that don't really seem earth-shattering in
importance. So what if we break a promise? So what if
we are married but find passion in another bed? So
what if we are too focused on work, TV, or clubs to
spend time with family? In The Ten Commandments, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, 
America's "Mommy" and the
conscience of talk radio, reminds us that it is in everyday
decisions that we give meaning to our lives or
diminish it; and she shows us why adhering to the
higher ideals and consistent morality found in the
Commandments can create a life of greater purpose,
integrity, value, and lasting joy.
The Ten Commandments are the first direct communication
between a people and God. Designed to
elevate our lives above mere frantic, animal existence
to the sublime levels humanity is capable of experiencing,
they are the blueprint of God's expectations
of us and His plan for a meaningful, just, loving, and
holy life. Each of the Ten Commandments asserts a
principle, and each principle is a moral focal point
for real-life issues relating to God, family, sex, work,
charity, property, speech, and thought. These principles,
and the Commandments they are based upon,
are as relevant today as they were in Biblical times.
Written in collaboration with Rabbi Stewart
Vogel, The Ten Commandments is a modern application
of God's laws, incorporating lively discussion on
the Bible and the Judeo-Christian values derived from
it. Filled with passion, emotion, and provocative, profound
insights, The Ten Commandments will move,
enlighten, inspire, educate, and entertain you. You
won't be able to look at even mundane moments in
your life the same way again.

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