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Hi all,

I just submitted
Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship between the Pharmaceutical
Industry and Depression.
by David Healy.
It's an excellent scan although I admit I didn't remove the headers.  Sorry!

Here's the long synopsis.

Let Them Eat Prozac explores the history of selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitors (SSRIs) - from their early development to the latest marketing
campaigns - and the controversies that surround them. Initially, they seemed
like wonder drugs for mild to moderate depression, one pill a day to a new
you, and unlike the tranquilizers that were popular from the 1960s to the
1980s, SSRIs supposedly could not lead to addiction. When Prozac was
released in the late 1980s, David Healy was among the psychiatrists who
prescribed them. But he soon observed that some patients became agitated and
even attempted suicide. Confirmatory studies were soon published, citing
numerous cases in which patients became anxious and reported increased
suicidal thoughts while taking Prozac. Could the new wonder drug actually be
making patients worse?" "Healy draws on his own research and expertise to
demonstrate the potential hazards associated with these drugs. He
intersperses case histories with insider accounts of the research leading to
the development and approval of SSRIs as a treatment for depression.

I hope someone will enjoy the

Feel free to email me if you have questions.


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