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stories Jesus Still Tells:  The Parables

by John R. Claypool

as a .rtf file.

Here is the long synopsis:

Aesop told fables, Solomon told proverbs, and when Jesus needed to communicate 
difficult ideas in a calm, persuasive way, He told parables. These were simple 
stories, whose endings listeners could sometimes anticipate, but whose point 
they could always grasp.
And there was always a surprise in the parables Jesus told. As the parable 
began, the listeners thought that the story was about someone else, but by the 
parable's end they knew it was pointed at them.
Among the stories Jesus told were the ones about the talents; the treasure, the 
pearl, and the dragnet; the vineyard owner and his workers; the petulant 
children; the rich fool; and the great banquet.

In this book, John Claypool retells in his own style the familiar stories Jesus 
once told, and in the retelling Jesus's sweet, clear voice can still be heard.
John Claypool invites the reader to open up the deep places in his or her being 
so that "the Light that enlightens up every person" can illuminate him or her 
as well.

Everything is accounted for as the book was read and edited while scanning 
as well as afterwards.
This should prove to be a straightforward easy validation.


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