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HI All
I asked some people off list whether or not it is too soon to submit a book like this. I just submitted April 16 2007 Virginia Tech Remembers. About the events that occurred April 16 2007. It has a summary of that day along with how the community reacted. At the end t has tributes for each victum. I hope someone will take good care of it. Thank you.

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Hello Lora and all,
No worries, everyone, I am on the case either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.  I'll report back.  :-)
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OK, if this does everything it's supposed to do, I want it, and I want it now.  It'd be like buying a car, I bet, probably that expensive, but I want it.
I'll also be placing a call tomorrow, if I can manage it.  I'm in class all week, so it may be tough.
Thanks for posting this, Darrell.  If you do learn anything, including the price, let us know.  I'd also be curious what page sizes it works well with.  For instance, can it handle 11 by 17 (legal size, I think), 8.5 by 11, standard paperbacks, etc.  What's it's accuracy rating?  What OCR software does it use?  OK, OK, you know the questions to ask. <Smile>

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Hey Everyone,
Check out this link, which I discovered over at the Ranger Station blog:
I think I want one of these now...  :-)
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