[AZ-Observing] Re: Fredericksen's Meadow and Back to the Monsoons

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At the meeting Friday, I mentioned a possible location I recalled while on a 
geocaching trip. The spot is near an abandoned ranch house called T-Bar Ranch, 
just east of Apache Maid Mountain. The ranch house itself is an archeological 
site, but there is a large meadow to its west. The site appears to be easily 
accessible from I-17 off the Stoneman Lake Road exit (about 10 miles). The 
Coordinates of the meadow are: N34 43.775 W111 31.900.

Google maps shows the ranch house just to the South east, the road to the site 
passes it. The meadow is fairly large, extending up to a spot on the map called 
Sue's tank. 

I've made a few pdf's of the Garmin topo maps, One a route map from I-17, the 
other a close up of the site. I'll send them to al who have responded to the 
thread and anyone else who wants one (let me know off list).

It May well be worth a recon trip, I'd certainly be willing to go up and take a 

Rick Tejera (K7TEJ)
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club

Subject: [AZ-Observing] Re: Fredericksen's Meadow and Back to the Monsoons

On 18.08.2013 00:39, Phil S. wrote:
> For those of us who were not there, can you enlighten us as to whys 
> and why nots?

I am planning on going to the ranger station to get some answers on Monday.

The sketchy info that Don spoke at the meeting was that we could not go out 
onto the meadow at all.  I do not know if that rule has been in place always or 
if it is a brand new rule.

I promise to let you know;
Steve Coe

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