[AZ-Observing] Re: Fredericksen's Meadow and Back to the Monsoons

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 17:11:08 -0600

Howdy all;

I drove to the Blue Ridge ranger station today and found very helpful 
folks.  Their names were Helen Poe and Marshall (I did not get a last 
name).  They said that as long we are parking no further than 300 feet 
from the road there is no problem.  I invited them to come out and 
observe, maybe they will take us up on it.  They said that they did not 
know how the woman ranger was who would have chased Don off the site and 
I could not help there.

They pointed out on the map another open area near the ranger station 
(about 10 miles north of the cafe and gas station on Hwy. 87).  I think 
I found it and there was room for about 4 vehicles.

After that I drove to the usual Fred's Meadow site and paced off 100 
paces for 300 feet.  I marked the spot with a log and some rocks (hey, 
it's me).  The marker is very close to the distance from the road we 
have used all along.  In the hopes that the shooters and fire starters 
will not return often maybe we can still use the site.  I plan to go 
there for next New Moon, starting the last Wednesday of August.

I do think that the idea of scouting some new areas is a good one, ya 
can't have too many observing sites.  One more thing, Helen said that as 
long as the shooters are being safe, they can shoot all day and all 
night (!) as long as they are not on posted land near houses.

Clear skies to us all;
Steve Coe
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