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no problem, I'm just trying to help out :) Yes, the test mode+code signing way is the most convenient one so far, although it is a bit long-winded. Thankfully you only have to do it once. It will spare you to remember to press F8 each boot. Just make sure you uninstall the driver and also delete the files as outlined in the argyll docs before you install the self-signed drivers. Best of luck!


Am 20.06.2010 23:40, schrieb nino@xxxxxxxx:

I tried it a second time, and now I got it! The port is found. So you were
right, Florian. Please acccept my appologies. I did not understand the
installation instructions well, and I still don't, sorry.

So now I will have to try to self sign the driver, right?

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I just tried F8, but I still get ** No ports found ** for -c listno.

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  From Installing_MSWindows.html (v1.1.1):

"NOTE that you generally can't install USB drivers on Vista 64/Windows 7
64 bit due to Microsoft's driver code signing requirements."

So, I think you either need to put the system in test mode and self-sign
the drivers before installation (that's what I did, works nicely) or
(not so nice) press F8 on each boot.


Am 20.06.2010 22:24, schrieb nino@xxxxxxxx:


I didn't have to do the F8A workaround, because I did a fresh install of
Argyl LibUSB driver. As detailed in the Argyll installation instructions,
is not necesary to do the driver signing/test mode/F8 in Win7 when freshly
installing. There was no problem. It worked as described in the
Instructions. Also, as mentioned the driver Argyll LibUSB driver shows up
the Device Manager.

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have you followed the driver signing/test mode/F8 boot procedure that is
necessary for the Argyll Win7 64 drivers like outlined on this list a
while ago? I assume so, as you were able to install the driver. Just

Am 20.06.2010 21:24, schrieb nino@xxxxxxxx:
Yes, Roger, I double checked: DTP94 is linked to Argyll LibUSB driver.
When I try to run dispcal for example I get "Error - icoms -
set_ser_port: port number out of range!"


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Whew? Windows 7 64 bit giving you USB issues? You’re sure you have the
instruments linked to the Argyll LibUSB driver, and not X-Rite’s? Did
you look into Computer – Manage – Devices?


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I am trying to run Argyll, but the communication port of my device, a
DTP94b, is not found when I try dispcal (Under -c listno I get ** No
ports found **). I uninstalled the device completely before installing
it from scratch with the Argyll driver for win7 64bit. Didn't help.

thanks in advance for any help


Florian Höch

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