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  • From: Sam Berry <samkberry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 20:44:29 +0100

2010/10/27 Dariusz Żurawski <zurdar@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello!
> I'm  planning  to  rent ColorMunki Photo to calibrate my Spyder3 in the
> very
> near  future.  Unfortunately  I'll  have  it for very limited period of
> time
> (probably  few  hours) so I'd like to straight some of my doubts. It will
> be
> calibrated to match following displays:
> * main monitor - wide gamut LCD (EIZO S2243w)
> * secondary monitor - trinitron CRT
> * plasma TV - some Panasonic
> Plasma  and  EIZO  are  intended  to  do  color work so profile accuracy is
> important. My questions are:
> *  what white point should I set before creating ccmx for LCD - native (RGB
> gains untouched) or D65?

It shouldn't make any difference.

> *  should  I  create separate matrices for different brightness levels (80,
> 100, 120 and 140cd)?

Again, I suspect that the difference will be so small as to be negligible.
Pick one in the middle of what you're likely to edit at.

> * should I create additional matrices for different observers (2deg,
> 10deg)?
> I don't know if it will have any future use with Spyder3

Perhaps run a dispread with a simple chart and save spectral data so you can
look at differences afterwards? It's unlikely you'll need to extra observers
for anything other than experimenting though. A corresponding chart done
with your Spyder within the next few days should still be usable provided
you keep settings the same etc... This should reduce the amount of time you
need with the CM.

> --
> Best regards,
> Darek
Hope this helps!

Sam Berry

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