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Curious. As I understand it, the F8+"disable signature enforcement" way should work, even if the drivers are not signed. Perhaps you're right and the problem lies elsewhere?


Am 20.06.2010 23:32, schrieb nino@xxxxxxxx:

I just tried F8, but I still get ** No ports found ** for -c listno.

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  From Installing_MSWindows.html (v1.1.1):

"NOTE that you generally can't install USB drivers on Vista 64/Windows 7
64 bit due to Microsoft's driver code signing requirements."

So, I think you either need to put the system in test mode and self-sign
the drivers before installation (that's what I did, works nicely) or
(not so nice) press F8 on each boot.


Am 20.06.2010 22:24, schrieb nino@xxxxxxxx:


I didn't have to do the F8A workaround, because I did a fresh install of
Argyl LibUSB driver. As detailed in the Argyll installation instructions,
is not necesary to do the driver signing/test mode/F8 in Win7 when freshly
installing. There was no problem. It worked as described in the
Instructions. Also, as mentioned the driver Argyll LibUSB driver shows up
the Device Manager.

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have you followed the driver signing/test mode/F8 boot procedure that is
necessary for the Argyll Win7 64 drivers like outlined on this list a
while ago? I assume so, as you were able to install the driver. Just

Am 20.06.2010 21:24, schrieb nino@xxxxxxxx:
Yes, Roger, I double checked: DTP94 is linked to Argyll LibUSB driver.
When I try to run dispcal for example I get "Error - icoms -
set_ser_port: port number out of range!"


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Whew? Windows 7 64 bit giving you USB issues? You’re sure you have the
instruments linked to the Argyll LibUSB driver, and not X-Rite’s? Did
you look into Computer – Manage – Devices?


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I am trying to run Argyll, but the communication port of my device, a
DTP94b, is not found when I try dispcal (Under -c listno I get ** No
ports found **). I uninstalled the device completely before installing
it from scratch with the Argyll driver for win7 64bit. Didn't help.

thanks in advance for any help


Florian Höch

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