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Of course you are right Joe, but that just means there are many bad
commercial sites out there in need of a makeover.  This one (in my
opinion) starts off with a bad background, colors on the page are not
pleasing, font mixes don't appear smooth to me, and this home page needs
to be reduced and spread into several pages to keep it from having to
much on one page.  These are just my opinions, I'm sure Ron and his
class see some of the same and many other things to "fix".  The key is
commercial sites.  I tend to expect commercial sites to exhibit a little
more flair than perhaps my personal web site.

Largo, Florida 33771

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I'll bite. What's supposed to be so bad about this site? Seems no better
worse than a zillion others.

>Thanks for the web site possibilities for my class project. The
>decision had to be made tonight and my group decided to use (drum roll

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