[SS2S-Main] Re: Digital scale load-cell design / instrumentation

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It's been a few years since discussion of these digital-scale load cells was 
ricocheting around the rocketry forums.  Naturally, I started by checking 
Nakka's site -- he's got a very cool "built from scratch" strain-gage design 
but I couldn't find one there that starts with a digital scale.  But here's a 
good starting point for what you're talking about.  This one hooks up to a PC 
with a "COM port" USB interface, and the author hand-rolled the electronics.



Mark L.


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Hi Mattias,

It would be great if you could you do this. I think the maximum thrust is 
2000N, but better than Richard confirm it.

Vicente Alvero

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If you want to go even cheaper, load cells can be scavenged from cheap digital 
kitchen/bathroom scales. It’s not too difficult to hook them up to a computer. 
I can probably help with the electronics, but not so much with the mechanical 
What would be the maximum force to be measured?

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Instruments would be a gauge and load cell, right? but this must be commercial. 
some sets is "cheap". with relative to a support, I think we would have 
problems. that would be cheap.

maybe we can also use the pressure gauge and load cell minisshot rocket.

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Subject: [SS2S-Main] Re: Interesting Motor-Design Documents
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To design/build the instruments to measure motor thrust and chamber pressure. 
We would have to do this on a "tight" budget.



On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 10:18 AM, vicente Alvero Zambrano 
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What kind of help with the instrumentation?



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