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On a python, the wheel size is largely irrelevent, I think, because it's
more important to be able to ride the bent than worrying about wheel size.
If you are worried about gearing and top speed issues, don't.  I like to go
fast, and after about 2000km the fastest I could get it going is 66kph.
There are lots of high pressure, smooth rolling 26" wheels, and even for 24"
there are the Kenda Kwests and Schwalbe Stelvios.  The 24" wheels I'm
talking about are the junior/small MTB wheels that equate to 507 in the ISO
sizes.  I think the Stelvio is a 520 so I'm going to call them and see if
their 24's will fit a MTB 24" rim.  Even if they don't, the Kenda Kwests are
great tires and I have no complaints with them.  There is also a growing
selection of 24" rims because many people are switching to them for
MTB/offroad bikes, even some BMX.  ALso, I have mounted 7/8" to 1 1/8" tires
on rims up to 30mm wide and have had no problems.

| My inseam is only 81cm
| I'd love to be able to use 700c wheels but realistically will probably
| have to settle for 26" or sadly even 24"
| Seems that tire selection and rims for 24' are not plentiful
| Or am I wrong?
| All input gratefully received
| Regards to all
| Brian ......  in S Carolina USA


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