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  • Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 23:13:28 -0500

For me, I'm a big fan of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  I think the
list is working great.  With all the other things in my life, I appreciate
the ability to log on when I can and get all the information pushed to my
in-box.   While forums have their place, one thing I don't like about them
is clicking though a bunch of different links in different threads to find
out the latest in developments.  I also like the ability to be able to
quickly and simply go through the link archives at work without having to
worry about some BBS code that gets blocked by the firewall.  For people
that don't like being on a list with a lot of extraneous email chatter, a
forum is the place for them or they select the "nomail" option on their
mailinglist and read it online.  For people who don't like having to drill
through forum threads and logging in to post, the mailing list is their
thing.  I'm a member of a lot of forums and lists, and a large number of the
forums get little traffic while the lists are fluorishing if they are well
managed, and controlled to make a reasonable attempt to stay on topic - like
this python list.

For anyone who wants to send pictures, for those that don't already have
webspace that came with their internet account, there are literally
thousands of phot-hosting sites on the net - for free.  A link to a picture
works just as well as the actual picture.

| Hello Listies,
| the mailinglist now has about 150 members, which is great
| on the one hand but might easily lead to trouble on the other.
| A french guy, Thibault Ferron, who also did the recent translations
| of the python site, offered me to move to a web forum on his server.
| He already prepared the site for your purpose:
| http://eggrz7.free.fr/python-project/
| A forum has its pros and cons versus a mailinglist and I don't
| really know what to do. I mean, if we are disciplined enough to
| take care of the mail subjects, avoid full quotes and too much
| off-topic themes (some nice smalltalk from time to time is no
| problem though), then we could get along with the mailinglist.
| What do you think?
| Cheers to you all,
| Jürgen.
| PS: I recently discovered ICQ for communications. Maybe we could
| setup a python chatroom just for fun. My number is 355857064.


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