[python] Re: 81 inseam

  • From: "25hz" <25hz@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 20:31:44 -0500

Yes sir, I did.  Cross winds had a major effect on stability at many speeds,
so that's why I modified it and put more holes in the sides.
It ran like a charm after that.  Wind effect on the tailbox was negligible,
it was just the front end that made it hairy.

| 25hz wrote:
| > On a python, the wheel size is largely irrelevent, I think, because it's
| > more important to be able to ride the bent than worrying about wheel
| > If you are worried about gearing and top speed issues, don't.  I like to
| > fast, and after about 2000km the fastest I could get it going is 66kph.
| >
| You made a mudguard that encapsulates the front wheel. Did you
| experience any effect on your max speed because of increased wind
| sensibility?
| Dirk - (for my liking 66kmh is way to fast on any pedal steered bike).


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