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  • Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 20:57:25 -0500

Through experimenting a little, I found it wasn't so much about how much
weight you added, but where you added.  Even on the rear, if the weight is
over the rear axle, it didn't seem to do much to the handling except make it
tougher on hills.  Adding weight in front of the axle tended to increase the
self centering and enhanced downhill handling and speed.  Weight behind the
rear axle had the opposite effect.

The python is quite the interesting beast when you start looking at the
dynamics and interaction of all the small changes.

| Hoi 25Hz,
| oh I forgot 'bout the holes in the mudguard.
| I also noticed that heavy loaded bags on the rear part (vacation), had
| no adverse effect on the max speed of my python. I have "banana bags"
| which do not move the CG backward as much as common bike bags - see
| attached picture.
| But above 60kmh I don't feel well - but the same was true for my 20inch
| flevo racer - so it is probably me.
| Dirk
| 25hz wrote:
| > Yes sir, I did.  Cross winds had a major effect on stability at many
| > so that's why I modified it and put more holes in the sides.
| > http://fleettrikes.com/python%20final%20mod%20drilled.jpg
| > It ran like a charm after that.  Wind effect on the tailbox was
| > it was just the front end that made it hairy.
| >
| >
| > | 25hz wrote:
| > | > On a python, the wheel size is largely irrelevent, I think, because
| > | > more important to be able to ride the bent than worrying about wheel
| > size.
| > | > If you are worried about gearing and top speed issues, don't.  I
like to
| > go
| > | > fast, and after about 2000km the fastest I could get it going is
| > | >
| > | You made a mudguard that encapsulates the front wheel. Did you
| > | experience any effect on your max speed because of increased wind
| > | sensibility?
| > |
| > | Dirk - (for my liking 66kmh is way to fast on any pedal steered bike).


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