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  • From: Gianni Rondinini <bugbarbeq@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 15:59:07 +0200

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:04:35 -0400, you ("Justin F. Knotzke"
<jknotzke@xxxxxxxxxx>) wrote:

>> 135 hp5+ for a couple of 8x10" print and i don't think my area is
>> worse than others, speaking of italy.
>    One roll ? Wow. Either the Pros in your area produce really crappy
>photos or they have the best hit/miss ratio in the world. One roll?

don't ask my choice amongst these...

well, joking apart, i think that the first thing is what kind of image
you're looking for. is that "just" a portrait with a smile or other
expression? a "good" roll may be enough. if you're shooting
glamour-ish photos, it *can't* be enough. much depends on the
model/subject for sure, too.

i have a friend of mine who is a pro: he's got a shop and he does
quite a bit of studio portraits for various private people. he often
takes his preview prints at the photoclub and very often he's got 2
rolls, one hp5+ and one portra 160nc. for a couple of prints, it
usually is enough. then he has an external lab that does the actual
printing. people don't spend much and is happy with the results.

>> complains that's expensive - nobody ever checks how expensive are home
>> made prints with a pixma).
>    I think one of two things can be summarized by your experiences
>Gianni, first is that the market in Italy for photography is zero,
>zilch, zippo.

yes, i'd say that zero is a good approximation.

>    The key however to your anecdote is "Jazz musician" We aren't
>dealing with people with tons of disposable income.

that's true. they have low income: they get 100 eur to play one
evening (this is why i presented one of the four prints to that friend
of mine) and paying 10% of their income for a print is a consistent
part of their income; however after having shot for 3 evenings at the
same, say, bass player, he's got 300 eur and 10 eur for a print is
3.5%, not 10%. i'm shooting for myself, not for them, then it makes no
difference if they ask me a print or not, but the point is that, as
you stated, photography is a very little market.

however, that's it.

>into the rafters to give his shots some pop. But really, for the
>pathetic amount he sells, it's not worth it. So instead, he complains
>that no one buys his work.

i know the problem. if you're a football player or an f1 driver then
you get *a lot* of money. if you do any other sports, you pay also for
your sports apparel...

>    Masters road racers generally have cash to spend. It's not out of
>the ordinary to see a guy with a $8,000+ bike. They train all winter for

it's quite common even for amateurs to have those bikes :)
it's like all the photo amateurs that use f5's or 1v's...

>very well. I know, I asked him. He sells about 80% of what he brings.
>All go for $20 a pop.

not bad, i must say.
there's something, sometimes, here in italy, too; it's more related to
motorbike races (for non pro) and they sell quite a lot to racers, but
expenses are very high, firstly because it's *hard* to get
photographer's passes to access good points in raceways and you need
to... ehm... "oil" somebody.

>    You have to compare apples with apples.

you're right, but while talking sometimes you loose the thread...

Gianni Rondinini (30, tanti, RA)
Nikon user - Bmw driver
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