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  • Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 20:57:27 -0800

Hanaan wow!!

That ladder really looks awesome with the texture on it (screenshots
attached for people to check it out)

The texture is perfect size too 1024x512, awesome.

Ok, next peice of technical feedback:

When using the map editor, when you place objects, it places them relative
to the object's own origin (you'll see... we'll have to show you how to use
the editor when you come up to speed on these art import issues).

What that means is when you save a model, you want to center it at the
origion (0,0,0) and then move the model upwards so that it's bottom (ie the
bottom of the ladder) rests on the ground, but when viewing from above, it's
center is at the origin.

That makes it easiest to manipulate in the editor and makes it so that when
it's rotated and scaled, the rotations and scales work right.

But hey, the wood on that ladder looks really nice. it's a really rich
looking texture
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