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It says - listen to other news channels also to find out what is really 
Seriously! I saw films of people being rescued. I heard an interview with what 
happened with that hospital - they evacuated the maternity ward, but somehow, 
thought they had everyone out of the hospital, not just the maternity ward. Who 
knows who's fault that is! The people shooting are citizens of new orleans, not 
the people doing the rescuing - I watched Diane Sayer the other morning - she 
acted as though no one had been rescued anywhere yet - which was a lie - she 
also was upset that they were bringing in the national guard, who knew how to 
shoot to kill - to kill those poor innocent victims - They weren't going to 
shoot the innocent victims - they will shoot the citizens who stole the assult 
weapons - looted the firearms stores, and who are shooting at the police, the 
rescuers, and the media - if, and only if, it comes to that!! And turning this 
tragedy into a political debate between parties is not fair to the city or the 
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Last night on CNN an interview with the Senior med journalist Dr. Sanjay 
Goupta offered the fact that not two blocks from where he was at Charity 
hospital downtown N.O. which has been in dire straights for days, people 
dying while waiting for evac, the PRIVATE hospital at a University was 
evacuated instantly, while Charity Hospital which is public was even being 
fired on when trying to evacute..NO one was helping.  What does THAT 

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