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Hi Rose, well needless to say I'm not the least bit knowledgable about 
computers, when I saw the 160GB HD that's all I noticed!  The Athlon 64 3300 
processor is supposed to be very fast, but I don't know anything about ghz 
ratings.  Also, would the 1024 MB memory mean it has 512 RAM?  Also don't know 
the diff between DDR and SDRAM, but I think one is newer than the other (?).  
Was also going to upgrade to a 17" LCD monitor because I have a 17" CRT right 
now, but guess what, it's actually only 15 1/2" viewable, so a 15" LCD w/b 
about the same as what I'm used to.  Only took me 6 years to realize that!  So 
will appreciate anything you can tell me that I need to know.  I know what a 
tizzy things can get into when you're doing remodeling, I've been wanting to 
replace my kitchen & dining room floors for the past couple of years but my 
husband has been too ill to raise all that dust & dirt.  He is in end-stage 
emphysema and was recently diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and has been 
under Hospice care at home since April.  Our 20th anniversary is today, the 
7th, so I thank God he lasted this long because they said he never would make 
it; just shows to go ya.  I'm only here in Bullhead City right close to you; if 
circumstances were different, I'd come and clean up for you so you wouldn't 
have to breathe all that bad stuff.  I stick pretty close to home these days, 
my work is only 5 minutes from here so I can get home in a hurry when I have 
to. You take care, ok. ~Glo

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  I am sorry..I have been away from my computer more than I like.  I had my 
  grandkids for two weeks.. they went home last weekend..and now..they called 
  this afternoon to re do my counters in my kitchen and bathroom.  They were 
  going to do them next month, but my job got bumped up.  So now, I am 
  scurrying around..looking for a new garbage disposal and other things I 
  need...and... I need to move so much stuff out of the kitchen..and 

  And..I definitely found out I cannot be in the house much, if at all when 
  they do the 2 day job...or for at least 2 days afterwards.....!  I am 
  homeless  I guess we will end up staying at a local casino.  This is all 
  busting my budget for the job.  I was short $1000.00 to start with and this 
  has me running in circles.  With my emphysema, the glue and such would knock 
  me for a loop.  I do not want to end up in the hospital.   I will have to 
  leave the back doors to my house open for two days with fans running.   (I 
  will alert my neighbors to pay attention) so the house can air out.  I just 
  pray the neighborhood cats don't find their way in the house!

  Then, when I get to close up the house I will have the expense of getting a 
  cleaning crew in to clean up all the dirt and dust and stuff.  It is NOT 
  something I am looking forward to.  But, I know I will be happy when it is 
  done.  Just one week of misery and a couple of months of being broke...ha 
  ha!  I am still getting the shower done next yr.  (When I save up the money. 
  I am a sucker for punishment)

  Back to the question at hand.....

  Fry's had a big ad Friday and I will go pull it.. They also usually have a 
  new Tuesday ad...so I will check that too.

  I have to look up the definition of Anthon 643300 Processor.  I have no clue 
  what that is.  I need to look and see what the ghz rating is.  That number 
  with the model is confusing to me.

  My son got a computer last yr.  It was an HP 2600  or 2800 machine...which I 
  found out translates to a 2.4 GHZ machine.  We actually got a refurbished 
  machine.  I had him buy a 3 yr warranty for it.  Any time he has had a 
  problem...(just a couple and one was because of a video card he added and 
  upgraded to from ATI. There is evidently some sort of compatibility problem. 
  It worked for a while..and then all of a sudden it was not working.  ATI 
  replaced the card, but still it did not work.  He got another card and it 
  worked fine.
  HP worked with him about the problem trying to trouble shoot it.    He is 
  happy with his machine.

  I would definitely recommend refurbished as you can buy the warranty, which 
  I would have gotten on a new machine any way.

  I just peeked at the HP site and I am looking at an HP Pavilion A 1030n 
  Desktop PC refurbished for $599..just the PC..no monitor or anything else. 
  comes with a 90 warranty and if you want..anytime BEFORE that warranty is 
  up, you can buy the extended warranty.  This is true no matter where you buy 
  it... in a store or on line. My son lives in a fairly small town that does 
  not have any good tech shops  - they do have a Best Buy, but the turnover is 
  high..so you do not know who to trust.  This warranty is good for him.)
  It is a 3.0 Ghz machine with the Hyper Threading Technology.  It comes with 
  512 ram. PC 3200 DDR 2 SDRAM.  (This memory is sold in pairs..2 matched 256 
  mb sticks is what the 512 mb is.

  I think the Light Scribe feature on the HP you listed and the one above are 
  cool!  You can burn cd or DVD and actually BURN the graphics/label onto the 
  media (cd or DVD) You do have to buy special disks to do this and I am sure 
  they cost more.  You can use regular cd's and DVD's in the machine, but you 
  cannot burn the label onto unless you have the special disks.

  I need to find out what the 643300 processor means.

  Ok... I just saw a description for an AMD Sempron and Athlon 64 Processor 
  3400 and it says it is a 2.4 Ghz processor.    on the site. 

  I am sorry I cannot look any more..it is 2:45 AM and I need to get to bed. 
  I have lots of running around to do. I am sorry I did not get to my email 

  I will try again tomorrow.
  Have a happy.....


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