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  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 08:40:14 -0500

At 3:50 PM -0500 12/22/08, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
"Set-top boxes are only part of the equation. 'It's the antenna!' as
consumer groups, the FCC, NAB, and other alphabet-soup groups are
finally acknowledging. Stations have begun airing 'Psst, bet you're
gonna need a new antenna too!' PSAs.

You are RIGHT Bert! It is the antenna!

It is the ANTENNA that is the albatross around the necks of broadcasters. Most modern wireless devices have antennas, but they are compact, integrated and require no user adjustment. Consumers have come to expect wireless services to work without a bunch of fuss and bother, and without having to deal with a large, UGLY antenna.

If ANTENNAS were desirable, then they might be featured in these ads. But they are a major encumbrance and a BARRIER to the use of the ATSC service. You don't sell by featuring negative product features.

How about, try an indoor antenna first. It's safe, comfortable even in
February, and will give at least some success until you can get
professional help, if you are technically challenged. And then tips on
which antennas work well.

You are forgetting one very important factor here Bert.

Retransmission consent. Broadcasters would much prefer for consumers to move to cable or DBS. The cost of an outdoor antenna with installation would pay for quite a few months of lifeline cable service, from which the broadcasters would get their retrans consent cut.


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