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  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 00:20:19 -0400

Amen! And any glowing report from me was only in relation to the junk we 
have tested before. There is still NO comparison to 1999 COFDM receivers.

And yes a year has almost past and we cannot duplicate the prototype. I 
can't even get coherent answers to basic questions about the prototype 
today. It is as if it never existed.

Questions like can I get another copy of the prototype we tested last 
year? Can I get the specs on that prototype? How does the prototype we 
tested last year differ from the LG Inotech cans we see  in and on the 
receivers we are now testing? What technology is in LG integrated HDTV 
sets? Is it the same as the prototype or is it just the same Inotech 
tuner with 5th gen chip on board that we are having difficulties with?

I think they made a prototype that worked and then the LG Inotech tuner 
and they are not the same. And I think that same LG Inotech tuner is in 
the new integrated HDTV sets.

Bob Miller

Tom Barry wrote:

>Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
> > As you saw, the "glowing reports" turned out to be true. It just
> > took this long to get the hardware in Mark Schubin's apartment.
>Bert -
>I'm still not sure how you can say that with such confidence.  We 
>have had on non-reproducible test of a mystery box that even the 
>vendor admits cannot be marketed successfully.  So far (a year 
>later) no boxes from LG or anyone have hit the market and come 
>close to duplicating the reported performance of that event.
>I'm treating it as another contrived vendor demo of non-product 
>until something else changes.
>Again, show me product.
>- Tom
>>John Shutt wrote:
>>>Each time I would read glowing reports by Bert and others about
>>>the next NxtWave chip
>>As you saw, the "glowing reports" turned out to be true. It just
>>took this long to get the hardware in Mark Schubin's apartment.
>>I'll remind you that the original results of a truly better
>>receiver happened in March 2002, lab version, and around the same
>>time of year in 2003 in prototype chips. And Wayne Bretl's paper
>>was at NAB 2004. All this while "some folk" were sitting by
>>depairing, instead of kicking butt to get these solutions in the
>>hands of consumers ASAP.
>>But I do agree with your points completely with respect to
>>"future proof" STBs. It's a difficult proposition, one that the
>>PC market HAS NOT addressed. The PC market simply expects people
>>to buy a new one every 3 years, maybe 4 tops. Fortunately, not
>>all home appliances work on that model.

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