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Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>Mark Schubin wrote:
>>Dale talked about the UK.  I talked about the UK.  Stephen
>>Birkill talked about the UK.  And you have provided info
>>about Italy.
>I have always referred to Italy and France when talking about
>low power transmitters, to try to dispell the notion that
>there's something magical going on with COFDM. (Mostly from
>Bob Miller, but others have suggested similar wonders.)
>When you look at France and Italy, that's where you see
>transmitters for PAL and for DVB-T in the 10s of KW ERP. As
>Stephen indicated, the situation in the UK is different,
>because in fact PAL transmitters can be up in the 0.5 MW to
>1 MW ERP region. The DTT transmitter that covers London
>might be lower power, but that doesn't mean coverage of the
>UK to match PAL with DVB-T would necessarily be with 10s of
>KW ERP, where PAL was more like 1 MW. There's no implied
>In France, they are still rather fluid as to how to deploy
>DTT. They are talking about "portable" capability, for which
>they expect to have to assist the Eiffel Tower transmitter
>(35 KW) with other tramsmitters, including possibly very
>low power gap fillers. Because as is, they say about 40
>percent of Paris can achieve indoor reception, closer in to
>the Eiffel Tower. They define "portable" as "with indoor
>antennas." I already showed where the closest translator
>site to the Eiffel Tower was, and it was Mantes. Just under
>30 miles to the west of the Eiffel Tower. So, nothing magic
>We can do the same with RAI. Translator sites are scattered
>throughout the country, including two to cover Rome.
>This is all about introducing some measure of reality and to
>compare apples with apples. I think I've been more than fair
>in specifying power levels and expected coverage, when
>making comparisons, where others have been happier to let a
>veil of mystery lie over the discussion.
>The information is all public. There's no reason to
The public information about the UK transmitters is here. They have 480 
I think for digital or six each at 80 sites. The most powerful are at 20 
kW and the average is around 3 kW.

I believe there are 28 at 20 kW, 2 at 15 kW, 46 at 10kW, 13 at 8 kW, 2 
at 7 kW, 10 at 6 kW, 19 at 5 kW, 27 at 4 kW, 10 at 3 kW, 60 at 2 kW, 65 
at 1 kW and the difference, 98 or so at something less than 1 kW.

The most popular power level seems to be 1 kW with 65 transmitters.


Bob Miller
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