[opendtv] Re: News: DTV Boxes Could Cost $1 Billion

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All Zenith ATSC receivers, including all LG derivatives, have had built into
them from day one the ability to operate at 2-VSB and 4-VSB in addition to
the 8-VSB terrestrial and 16-VSB cable modes.

Every Zenith 8-VSB seminar that they perform for broadcast engineers (I
attended one a year ago) includes a demo of 2-VSB reception.

The 2003 NAB mobile demos in Las Vegas was in the 2-VSB mode, along with
using Microsoft's WM9 codec.


John Shutt

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> As far as I know, this 5th gen chip is a finished product.  I actually
> posted video clips of it's testing by LG in Korea months ago.  One clip
> of mobile reception in a vehicle on the highway, another was of in-home
> reception while waving an omni-directional antenna around.

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