[opendtv] Re: News: DTV Boxes Could Cost $1 Billion

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:53:56 -0400

John Shutt wrote:

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>From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>The FCC knew this back in 2001, when they had to make a
>>decision. And they saw how much improvement there had
>>been from 1st to 2nd gen receivers. So they made a decision
>>to stay the course, which turned out to be the right one.
>I am still in violent disagreement with you here, Bert.  The digital
>transition would have been much better off if the Sinclair petition were
>accepted in 2000.
>8-VSB, perhaps just the current ATSC implementation of it, still produces a
>net negative atmospheric pressure.   These 5th generation Zenith chips
>finally have (mostly) reproduced 1999 COFDM reception performance, and
>nothing more.  They do not reproduce 2004 COFDM performance, and by the time
>they can (if ever), Moore's law predicts that COFDM would have moved the
>goalposts back even farther.
>Why do I say that?  Because we have been broadcasting ATSC for just over 6
>months now, and we own a first generation Sony, a first generation Unity
>Motion, a recent vintage Samsung, and a few 4th generation Zeniths, all
>consumer receivers.  In addition, we own Sencore and Videotek professional
>There is something in our ATSC exciter that goes wacky once every two weeks
>or so, and the Sony and Unity Motion receivers will not even acknowledge
>that our signal even exists.  Sometimes the Samsung will work, sometimes
>not, while the Zenith and the professional monitors seem to think that
>nothing is wrong.  The fix is usually rebooting the exciter, even though the
>manufacturer cannot find anything in any of the operating parameters that
>causes some receivers to choke.
>We literally have to confirm with 5 different receivers before we can be
>confident that our signal is "on the air" and receivable by all of our
>viewing audience.
>John "Sour Grapes forever" Shutt

And John I have to violently disagree with you. I am using (as I write 
this) a 5th generation receiver and it in NO way comes CLOSE to the 
performance of COFDM in 1999.

But it is acceptable for fixed reception with an  indoor simple antenna. 
Thats it.
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