[opendtv] Re: News: DTV Boxes Could Cost $1 Billion

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:56:09 -0400

John Shutt wrote:

> OK, let me rephrase my statement.  "Mobile reception was
> never a criteria
> for the ATSC system, even though clearly NTSC was used in mobile
> applications."

Well, my response to that would be that just because some
capability wasn't explicitly stated should not have been
interpreted to mean that it couldn't be done. There was never
any reason to doubt that 8-VSB could be received in a mobile
application, at least comparable with NTSC.

This is the same sort of argument that "ATSC is only to be used
with 30' masts." Why? What law of physics makes such a bold
statement? Or similarly, that 8-VSB required special antenna
aiming. Why?

All of these were simplistic truisms. You have seen plenty of
posts on this list that contradicted those comments, from
plenty of contributors, over several years. Right?

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