[opendtv] Re: News: DTV Boxes Could Cost $1 Billion

  • From: Mark Aitken <maitken@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 08:32:22 -0400

E-VSB with an advanced codec using a very small fraction of bandwidth 
would give another ~6dB to those who otherwise would have "just missed 
having perfect DTV reception by only 1 or 2 dB", with 4-5dB to spare! It 
would be interesting to know what the resolution correlation is to snowy 
pictures :-)

Eory Frank-p22212 wrote:

>The biggest problems I see with reception 'guarantees' are (1) VHF to UHF 
>transition, which will require some OTA viewers to install new antennas, (2) 
>DTV ERP and (3) comparisons of DTV to NTSC where NTSC is worse than Grade 3.
>This last one is especially difficult. For example, how many people will watch 
>a very snowy NTSC broadcast of high-value content (like a football game), if 
>that is the best they can get? You can't expect such a consumer to find any 
>comfort in the fact the he "just missed" having perfect DTV reception by only 
>1 or 2 dB, when he's looking at a blank screen. On the other hand, he will get 
>perfect DTV video on other channels or in other reception conditions where 
>NTSC was far less than perfect. From a reception perspective -- as perceived 
>by individual consumers -- not by engineers taking measurements -- some things 
>will be better, but some will be worse.
>DTV is *not* equal to NTSC, and DTV reception will never equal NTSC reception, 
>just as apples will never equal bananas. You could say that with advanced 
>receivers, with stations at full power, etc., that for most people, most of 
>the time, DTV reception will be better than NTSC reception. But that still 
>doesn't help the guy who misses it by 1 dB on the day of the big game, who 
>wishes he could still receive the snowy NTSC version rather than nothing at 
>-- Frank


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