[opendtv] Re: News: DTV Boxes Could Cost $1 Billion

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:28:36 -0400


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> John Shutt wrote:
> > Mobile reception was
> > never a criteria for the ATSC system, even though it clearly
> > was part of the NTSC system.
> John, are you sure that mobile was part of NTSC's mission
> statement? NTSC is horrible in mobile conditions, what with
> ghost images coming and going, and everything blanking out
> periodically. I never thought mobility was anything but
> "try it and see," with NTSC.

OK, let me rephrase my statement.  "Mobile reception was never a criteria
for the ATSC system, even though clearly NTSC was used in mobile

> > It was only AFTER the Sinclair
> > petition that
> > people here realized that a digital television system even
> > COULD replicate
> > NTSC reception vis-a-vis low signal level (via hierarchical
> > modulation),
> > portable and mobile reception, and dropout free reception using simple
> > indoor antennas.
> I don't know which people you mean, but aren't you overstating
> this? It has been common knowledge that lowering the bit rate
> makes reception more bulletproof. You don't need HM for that.

The people I mean are the television engineers and station managers who were
not in on the design of ATSC, but attended the Harris/PBS DTV Express series
of seminars that taught us about the coming digital age.  In those original
seminars, it was a given that rural viewers would be able to receive ATSC
with improved high gain outdoor antennas, possibly with electronic
amplification, and that urban/suburban viewers would use cable.

I personally didn't even know about DVB-T until Sinclair performed their
1999 Baltimore demonstrations and literally shook the ATSC world upside down
with the night and day performance differences.

Did you?


John Shutt

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