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On your suggestion #2: This defeats the purpose of not having to connect to his 
ISP, instead of just connecting to the remote XP directly. Why is it necessary 
to dialup to his ISP first? His reason for doing this is to have a line of 
communication when his ISP is down. So if this scheme is to be implemented, the 
redundancy is actually not there.
 Steven Peck DNET <speck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

To elaborate on suggestion number 1.
Put a modem on the WinXP in the Cafe.
Configure DUN to receive calls.
From the clients home, dial up to the Cafe's WinXP modem line directly.
Surf or remote control the WinXP box and surf from there.
-this avoids dialing up the ISP.

For suggestion number 2.
This would require the client to dial to the ISP,
Connect to the Cafe's WinXP system through the Internet.
Remote control the Cafe WInXP system.
Surf through the remote controlled system.

This would require a careful evualation of the security configuration =
on the Cafe WinXP system as any exposure to the Internet is a posible venue =
of attack.


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The XP Pro has both a NIC and a modem. The client computer has a modem =

You suggested to dial up to the ISP? Which computer should do that? The
client trying to connect or the XP Pro host? If it is the client, then =
defeats the purpose of connecting to the internet via the XP Pro host. =
want to use the XP Pro host's internet connection and it doesnt matter =
slow this connection is. We have a clear purpose for this which need =
concern anyone right now. Your second suggestion, does that just =
connect the
client to the host or does the host also provide internet connectivity =
as a
result? =20

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Two possible answers;
1. Put a modem on the XP system, configure RAS dial directly, remote =
and go. 2. Dial up your local ISP. Configure the WinXP for remote =
SECURE, open=20
Open the correct port in your firewall (1494 IIRC).
Use Windows Remote Desktop through the Internet.

Theoretically this should work, haven't done it.


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