[mswindowsxp] Re: Setting up a remote computer as an Internet provider

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ok , for now i guess i am not going to try this( @ least not @ work
anyhow)The below statement was in help. Someone else with more knowledge
than i as to why this is and how to configure it correctly in the below
environment, but i don't need another headache


You should not use this feature in a network with other Windows 2000 Server
domain controllers, DNS servers, gateways, DHCP servers, or systems
configured for static IP.

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Are you able to get on the internet using that connection (without dialing
out to your ISP)?
 Chris Ruggeri <cruggeri@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The RAS server is a different box than the one that I take control of, so
no, i do not take control of the RAS server; however, I do take control of
my own pc in the office after I dial in. HTH


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