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Re John Wager's post.

York is a Top University, Politics there got top rankings in both the
national research and the national teaching things ("thing" is appopriate).
I happened to vent to a man in another Dept re a (an anon) colleague's
spelling errors. He said "I'd noticed you had a colleague who couldn't
spell". Oops, I thought, wrong colleague... But at least there were only two
who couldn't spell, and one of them was probably very nearly as able as my
former student who could not spell but who  not only got into the Civil
Service Admin. Grade in their exams -- swatting aside Oxbridge Firsts, who
usually take all the places -- he got one of the two very top posts.  (And
he was successful there.)

Re Julie's post.

The teacher who wrote

  "A hero is only a hero if he/she has some fear, some moment of
wariness; they are concerned how the action will effect others or the
situation.". I'm thinking the Language Arts teacher may have plied her way

I'd say she shows awareness of a problem.  "A hero is only a hero if he has
some fear" is less acceptable to me than an attempt, albeit flawed, to cope
with the problem.  "They" third person singular is perfectly acceptable, and
not only of late.

I add that "effect" for "affect" is though certainly wrong too often used in
the media for us to trample on it too heavily.

Points for Kleenex is quite another matter. It is a disgrace.


I see you punctuate the way I do, Julie. Copy editors, and in particular US
copy editors, don't like it at all.  (They insist the punctuation follows
the quotation marks, whether that either makes sense, or is true to the
original, or not.)

Judy Evans

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JulieReneB@xxxxxxx wrote:

>Where else can I vent? . . . . I'm thinking the Language Arts teacher may
have plied her way with tissues.

Five years ago I found on the local Xerox machine a copy of another
faculty member's syllabus for HEALTH 291 -- THE SCIENCE OF PERSONAL
HEALTH. Only his didn't say that; it was his "SYLLIBUS." Silly me!

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