[lit-ideas] grades & kleenex

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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 23:10:02 EDT

Where else can I vent?  Today my 6th grader informed me that one of her 
teachers told the class that they were running out of kleenex and anyone who 
brought in 3 boxes for the classroom use would earn 30 points for the quarter.  
grades at this particular school are strictly on a "x number of points out of 
y possible number of points" % = letter grade.  Students know at the outset of 
a class how many total points are possible for the quarter, how many of those 
are for tests, how many for homework, etc.  Bronwyn informs me that in this 
class 30 points would raise a "C" to an "A".  The school can't afford kleenex?  
The school is buying kleenex w/ grades?  A slacker student can, by getting 
his/her Mom to purchase 3 boxes of tissues, get the same grade a hard worker 
can?  I asked if the principal knew the teacher was making this offer.  Bronwyn 
has no idea.  Meanwhile, hand-outs continue to come home from the *Language 
Arts* teacher saying things like (and grammar and punctuation are identically 
replicated here):  "A hero is only a hero if he/she has some fear, some moment 
wariness; they are concerned how the action will effect others or the 
situation.".  I'm thinking the Language Arts teacher may have plied her way 
Julie Krueger
weary of the schools; thank God for summer and water 

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