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  • Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 00:26:00 +0200

Mike Geary schrieb:

Joerg asks, "what is essentialism ? "

It's a philosophical malady, a doozy apparently.......

I took Joerg's post not as a question but as an ironic comment on Donal's accusation that Junger's question concerning 'information' smacked of essentialism -- namely that every "what is this?" question implies essentialism. A point that inspires my Sunday Poem.
Irony? I just saw the old Cary Grant movie "Charade", which is about the importance of being at least a bit similiar to what you are supposed to be. At a remarkable turnpoint there's this dialogue:

- You could at least tell me what your first name is these days.
- Alexander.
- Okay, Alexander. You're done.
- Good.
- You're a new man.
- I'm sorry the old one couldn't tell you the truth, but I had to find out your part in all this.
- Is there a Mrs. Dyle?
- Yes, but we're divorced.
- I thought that was Peter Joshua.
- I'm just as difficult to live with as he was.
- Alex, how can you tell if anyone's lying or not?
- You can't.
- There must be some way.
- There's an old riddle about two tribes of Indians.
- The Whitefeet always tell the truth and the Blackfeet always lie.
- One day you meet an Indian, you say, "Hey, Indian, what are you, a truthful Whitefoot or a lying Blackfoot?" He says, "I'm a truthful Whitefoot." But which is he?
- Why couldn't you just look at his feet?
- Because he's wearing moccasins.
- Well, then, he's a truthful Whitefoot, of course.
- Why not a lying Blackfoot?
- Which one are you?
- A truthful Whitefoot.
- Come in. Sit down.
- Why? Do you wanna look at my feet?
- Yes.

est enim verum index sui et falsi..

We live in fierce times, but as long as there are poems about heaecceity, there's hope.

good night from Suebia,

Joerg Gruel

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