[lit-ideas] Re: Is Huntington right?

  • From: Robert Paul <robert.paul@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 20:31:13 -0700

The war is over, but the spirit lives on.  They hate the Chinese and called
Nan King a misunderstanding.  Oh pshaw, they tell the Chinese.  Nan King
was a misunderstanding.  Besides, it was 60 years ago, get over it.  That
was recently they called it a misunderstanding.  They're racist beyond
words  They put up with the Americans and other gaijin.  And now they have
little itty bitty tanks going boom boom and being tucked into bed.  That is
not exactly pacifist.  I still want Lawrence to tell me how he takes the
same or worse behavior and admires it in one group and despises it in


Have you watched any of the video games produced in the US lately? If you have, what would you conclude from them about US racism and misogyny? How would you explain them to an intelligent Martian? Are they evidence of anything except a universal appetite for crude violence?

Oh, pshaw, we said to the folks at My Lai, Dresden, Yokohama, Tokyo, Berlin. Oh, pshaw.

Robert Paul
Reed College
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